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11 Self-Care Tips and Resources for Caregivers

Caregiving for someone you love as they enter their last phase of life is often characterized by contrasts. Gratitude for the time you have together and grief for the time you won’t. A profound feeling of purpose and resentment that it requires so much of you. Anxious about all that you can’t control and at […]

A Second Little Family of Support

Linda Bates first noticed a change in her husband Jim’s behavior in the summer of 2021. Forgetfulness. Lack of coordination. Confusion. She knew something was wrong, and her worst fears were confirmed soon after: the things she’d been noticing were the outward signs of glioblastoma, an aggressive and nearly always fatal cancer in Jim’s brain. […]

Remembering a Brother

The last thing Kermit Zerr expected was to find himself on another cross-country flight to Eugene. But, just ten months after making the journey to attend to his father’s end-of-life care, he was abruptly called to his brother’s hospital bedside. “I got a phone call that [Kelan] was in the hospital — they had found […]

Join Us in Celebrating Our Nurses During National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week is May 6 – 12, and to kick it off, we’d like to express our deep appreciation for Cascade Health’s hard-working nursing staff and introduce you to several passionate nurses on our care team. What is National Nurses Week? National Nurses Week is an annual recognition period that starts on May 6 […]

Occupational Therapy Month: A Time to Thank

April is Occupational Therapy month. In this last week, we at Cascade Health would like to take a moment to recognize and celebrate our occupational therapists, whose incredible talent and dedication to helping people regain the ability to perform daily tasks makes a dramatic difference in the health of our community. Like physical therapy, occupational […]

Healthcare Decisions Day 2022: Start the Advanced Care Planning Conversation

According to, nearly 67 percent of Americans do not have plans in place to account for their assets or end of life decisions. Most of us live our lives with little attention paid to things like long-term care planning and it’s not until a medical emergency or health crisis – our own or that […]

In the Exam Room or Our Own Backyards, Suicide Prevention Begins With a Conversation

As health care providers, we are accustomed to talking about suicide from a clinical perspective. Yet while suicidal ideation may be a common topic in relation to our patients, many health care professionals still feel unprepared to discuss their own suicidal thoughts or concerns about suicidality in colleagues or loved ones. Perhaps the rational comfort […]

Plan Ahead for End-of-Life Empowerment

August is “National Make a Will Month.” (And if “National Lost Sock Memorial Day” and “National Nothing Day” hadn’t already convinced you, surely this proves once and for all that there is a national “holiday” for everything.) All joking aside, end-of-life planning is an important thing for everyone to do, and August coming to a […]

The Hospice Suitcase: Support for the End-of-Life Journey

We often talk about life as a journey from birth to death; the experiences, relationships, and milestones in each phase become a series of trips forming the itinerary of our own grand tour. Like so many travel snapshots and tourist-shop trinkets, our memories remind us where we’ve been, what we’ve done and how we became […]

This summer, learn to love yourself first!

Self-love. If you don’t hang out in behavioral health circles, you might not know exactly what we mean when we say “self-love.” Are we talking about treating yourself to a yoga class? Turning down a social invitation to curl up and read your favorite book? Buying a new outfit? The answer to all of these […]

2021 Hospice House Ultimate Memorial Ride: A Joyous Return to the Road

Maybe it was because everyone was especially happy to be out with other people after a year in lockdown. Maybe it was the specter of rain that kept the group numbers intimate. Or maybe it was just the pure, exhilarating joy of the open road. Whatever the reason, Cascade Health hospice nurse and tour leader […]

A Year Without Hospice Volunteers Makes Us Appreciate Them Even More

We’re thankful for their enthusiasm, care, dedication and warm presence. We’re grateful to the musicians, companion animals and handlers, singers, LMTs, Vigil Companions, mentors and individuals who share their time and heart with the hospice community. While the world went on hold, they adapted. To continue serving, hospice volunteers: Delivered flowers from their gardens to […]

Even Better than Expected: CDC Proves Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines

By Dr. Luci Mario Kovacevic, Cascade Health’s Medical Director of Occupational Medicine While the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations is ramping up quickly, there continues to be some lingering questions from the general public about the overall effectiveness and necessity of the approved vaccines. So, I was very excited to read about the latest findings from […]

Fun as Therapy

  Recently, Cascade Health’s Manager of Behavioral Health, Jodi DePaoli penned an article for Lane County Medical Society’s Magazine, Medical Matters, about the critical importance of using fun and joy to help combat stress and depression. The article is reprinted here with permission from Lane County Medical Society. FUN AS THERAPY: FINDING JOY IN THE […]

Combatting Stress and Burnout

      Recently, Stephanie Evans-Wondra, L.P.C. of Cascade Health’s Behavioral Health & EAP team provided a seminar to the Eugene Young Professionals (YPs) about Building Resilience During Stress. The YPs are a program of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce and their goal is to empower young professionals to be an active part in building […]

Cascade Health’s DEI Council: A Q&A with Lane County Medical Society’s MEDICAL MATTERS

Recently, Cascade Health’s CEO Eric Van Houten and Hospice Volunteer Coordinator Chelsie Wong sat down with Lane County Medical Society’s Medical Matters magazine to discuss the organization’s new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council. The article is below.    

Winter Wardrobe – Don’t forget the Facemask!

While more and more vaccines are being administered throughout Oregon, now is not the time to relax safety guidelines. As winter drives most of us indoors, the ability to socially distance decreases. Proper wearing of facemasks is still the best defense against the spread of COVID-19. According to the Centers For Disease Control: “COVID-19 spreads […]

Cascade Health Employees Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Colleen Tuman, Occupational Medicine employee, receives the vaccine from Adrienne Royer, Wellness Nurse. Last week, Cascade Health launched its campaign to vaccine employees against COVID-19.  Beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 11, and continuing through Friday, January 15, Cascade’s Wellness team administered more than 200 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The effort was the […]

Being SMART About Your 2021 Diet and Exercise Resolutions

By Kirsten Gram, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator For many of us, January can usher in the New Year’s resolution paradox. We set goals or resolutions to become healthier with our food choices and/or exercise routines, only to find that shortly after setting them, they become distant memories. Around March, we wonder what happened to […]

Stayin’ Alive with CPR/AED Training

Recently, a Cascade Health certified trainer led a class on both basic CPR and the use of automated external defibrillators or AEDs. Often, our trainers will play the 1970’s disco hit – “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees to help students get the right chest compression cadence. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends humming […]

Light Up a Life

Remembering Those Who Brightened Our World Every year, Cascade Health is honored to host our Light Up a Life ceremony. This event celebrates and remembers family members and loved ones who received care at both the Pete Moore Hospice House and our in-home hospice program. With a holiday tree lighting, the reading of names and […]

Cascade Health Festival of Trees

Cascade Health 2020 Spirit Week!

In a year unlike any other, the Cascade Health team decided that a little spirit was just what the doctor ordered. All this week, employees at our main office and at our offsite facilities showed their team spirit by dressing up for each themed day of the week. Below are collages of employees for each […]

Cascade Health Expert Advice

Recently, Jodi DePaoli, LPC and the manager of our Behavioral Health and Employee Assistance Program provided an article for the Lane County Medical Society with counsel about how medical professionals can practice self-care during especially challenging times. Self-Care During COVID In challenging times, it’s critical that medical providers practice and preach self-care. BY JODI DePAOLI, […]

Biometric Screening: A Big Part of Your Health Picture

  Biometric screening can be a vital tool in detecting health problems. Cascade Health’s wellness nurses provide such services to employers and employees throughout Lane County. A biometric screening is a clinical screening that’s done to measure certain physical characteristics. It can be used to assess your: height weight body mass index (BMI) blood pressure […]

Cascade Health Again Named to 100 Best Nonprofits List

Cascade Health was again recognized as a 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon by Oregon Business Magazine. 2020 marks the 11th year that Cascade Health was named to the list. “We are thrilled to once again make Oregon Business’s list of top nonprofits,” said Eric Van Houten, chief executive officer of Cascade Health. […]

Cascade Health’s Wellness Team: Keeping your Employees Healthy

Some of the busiest employees at Cascade Health this time of year are our Wellness team staff who provide flu shots, vaccine clinics, and biometric screening to hundreds of companies and thousands of employees throughout Lane County. “We provide flu vaccines for between 100 to 200 employers around town,” says Adrienne Royer, RN, who along […]

Preparing for your Pre-Employment Screening

  Our Occupational Health Team wants to make your pre-employment appointment as productive and convenient as possible. To help make that happen, we have a few procedures that we ask everyone to review prior to coming into our facility. All of our Workplace Health Services are located in Suite 200 on the 2nd Floor of 2650 Suzanne Way […]

Tips to Get the Most Out of Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is invaluable in treating injury and helping patients return to work or activities they want to continue. While a professional physical therapist is there to provide the counsel and coaching, patients have a critical role to play in their treatment. What follows is a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts patients […]

Now, More Than Ever – Don’t Forget Your Flu Shot!

  As we head into fall, we enter into the beginning of the traditional flu season. Of course, the fall of 2020 is anything but traditional this year as seasonal flu will be happening at the same time as COVID-19. While COVID-19 is still the most critical health challenge facing Lane County and the US […]


By Stephanie Evans-Wondra, L.P.C.           There is no way around it. Our kids are beginning a school year unlike any other this fall. For many of us parents, we are maxed out trying to prepare them for zoom classes, distance learning and figuring out how to balance our jobs and responsibilities […]

Palliative Care: a Primer

For many people, the term “palliative care” is a bit misunderstood. General speaking, palliative care is specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness. This type of care is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient […]

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure – Especially at Work

Slowly, if not steadily, workplaces are starting to return to production and output lost during lockdowns necessitated by the pandemic. For many, the environment is radically different with many new COVID-19 regulations put in place – but along with these new items include many old, tried and true basics about workplace safety. As we finish […]

Wellness: More Than a State of Mind

When someone asks: How do you feel? – Your answer often depends on a lot more than whether or not you are sick. In fact, there are often dimensions or areas of your life that ebb and flow to contribute to your overall feeling. To understand and appreciate this, we often refer to the concept […]

Three Ways to Handle School Uncertainty

  Parents are certainly facing a good amount of anxiety and fear regarding the unknown of what Back to School in 2020 is going to look like, and these same feelings can be even more intense for kids. As a licensed professional counselor for Cascade Health, I’ve been working with children, adolescents and adults for […]

What do dietitians actually eat?

Our Diabetes and Nutrition Team is filled with expert dietitians who help educate people on how to make great food choices every day.  Sure, they have advanced degrees and years of training, but have you ever wondered what they actually eat in a day?  Do they live off kale and eat a single pea as […]

Biometrics and what you should know

My husband hates going to the doctor. I’m pretty sure he would rather change diapers for a month straight before volunteering to get an annual exam.  As a wife, mother, nurse and fan girl of my main squeeze this is concerning. I started to think about how many other people avoid the doctor.  My guess […]

Supporting Through Grief

Do you feel uncomfortable when it comes to dealing with grief? You are not alone. While we know that grief and loss are unavoidable realities of life, there still exists a lot of fear and difficulty discussing these painful emotions. Many people do not know how to talk about their own grief, or how to […]

How Can We Help Our Teens?

Teen suicide is unfortunately on the rise in Lane County, and here at Cascade Behavioral Health we care deeply for the youth in our community and are looking for even more ways to be of assistance to this age group. Often teens are unprepared when it comes to mental health issues, and do not know […]

Holiday Success

The holidays can bring out the best and worst… it’s a lovely time of year, but it can be stressful or trigger overeating of those holiday treats and beverages. Having a plan is one of the best ways to help set yourself up for success. Below are some of our favorites here at the Diabetes […]

Eating for Health

Question: What is the best way to eat for optimal health? Answer: There is no single diet that is best. Does this surprise you? When we hear about so many different “diets” from the internet, TV or friends and family members, knowing what to do can be confusing. Here are 3 important guideline to help […]

Leftover Treats Add Up

Who isn’t tempted by a little fun-sized trick-o-treating candy? From the tiny Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to the Snickers bar you can wrap your hand around; there are Halloween candy jars everywhere these days! At Cascade Diabetes and Nutrition Education, we teach that balance, moderation and variety are key to keeping blood sugars (and weight) […]

Which is Healthier: Full Fat, Low Fat, or Fat Free?

You have likely heard that we should eat less fat if we want to lose weight, improve our cholesterol levels or lower our risk for developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. You may ALSO have heard that fat isn’t so bad for us after all, and perhaps eating low- or nonfat foods are worse choices […]

Pete Moore Hospice House provides respite for hospice patients displaced by smoke

The cloud of smoke encompassing the state of Oregon is particularly difficult on sensitive populations.  No group knows this better than Hospice patients with respiratory issues. Most hospice patients receive care in their own homes, but not all are able to adequately limit their exposure to the unprecedented levels of smoke. Thanks to the new […]

Local Berries – Bountiful Benefits

If you have ever had the pleasure of picking berries right from a garden, gathering wild berries in the woods, picking them at a local farm, or buying local berries from the farmer’s market, you already know how wonderful fresh berries are this time of year. Most berries are naturally sweet and require little effort […]

Hospice House Ultimate Memorial Ride 2017

Riders from all over the Pacific Northwest and as far as Ontario, Canada took on the HHUMR’s scenic tour of the Willamette National Forest while raising funds for the Pete Moore Hospice House.  From creek-side back roads to exhilarating summits, these riders conquered everything this 168 mile course could throw their way. This year a […]

Practice Gratitude – Simple but Powerful

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and here at Cascade Behavioral Health we are always focused on how to help our clients live the healthiest lives possible. A big part of mental health is perspective, and unfortunately it is all too easy to focus on the things in life that are not going well. Perhaps […]

100 Years of OT

This April is an extra special National OT Month as we celebrate 100 years of Occupational Therapy.  We think we have some of the best OTs around!  To celebrate we asked a few of our fabulous Home Health OT’s share how and why they decided to become an OT. Monika Lukasiewicz, OT “The match to the […]

Hospice House – Marilyn’s Candles

The candles on her cake may have said, 84, but everyone knows that Marilyn is 39 and holding. This weekend at the Pete Moore Hospice House we celebrated the birthday of Princess Marilyn. Her family set up a wonderful celebration dinner for her and she was able to join them in the family dining room […]

A Volunteer’s View

We are honored to share a short essay from Barb M, one of our amazing hospice volunteers. Barb gave us permission to share her story recapping her first shift at the new Pete Moore Hospice House.  SUNDAY AFTERNOON I walked into the building at noon, carrying my new copy of “Capitol Dames”, just in case there would […]

Savoring Chocolate and Friends

Leslie is a most excellent diabetes educator and nurse with whom I have the privilege to work.  She teaches patients to eat more mindfully through a fun class activity where patients are asked to eat chocolate. She’ll instruct them to un-wrap a square of dark Dove chocolate, smell it, allow it to melt slowly in […]

Veterans Serving Veterans

For Veterans Day we asked some of our Hospice volunteers who are veterans to share about their service and their hospice volunteer work with Cascade Health.  We are so privileged to work alongside these incredible people who have served our country and now use their experience to serve their fellow veterans facing the end of […]

Rosie The Riveter

On April 20, 2016 Cascade Health Hospice held a special ceremony to honor Margaret Scott Thompson of Eugene, Oregon for her service as a “Rosie the Riveter” during World War II. Margaret was born in August of 1925.  She met her husband Charles Thompson and they were married in October 1943.  He was sent to […]

Self-Care for Stepparents

If you’re a stepparent, you may think of “self care” as a foreign concept. One stepmom said, “I feel like a person whose appointment book is always facing out for other people to write in!” Not a lot different from being a parent, but many stepparents have the responsibilities of parents PLUS. That’s why self […]

Diet Science

  The Summer, 2015 issue of Scientific American magazine has an engaging article called, “The Birth of the Modern Diet.”  In it, the author, Rachel Laudan, tells us how opinions about food have changed over the centuries based on what scientists believe about the human body. In 1547, Andrew Boorde said, “A good coke is […]


  As I participate in a training exercise related to securing and maintaining the trust of others, I am reminded of the high value of integrity.  Webster defines Integrity as “the quality of being honest and fair.”  How does this apply to me? Many people view integrity as something that was developed long before we […]

Summertime Extreme Heat Warnings

  Elderly people and individuals with chronic medical conditions are at increased risk of developing heat related illness.  Air-conditioning is the number one protective factor against heat related illness and death. Did you know that homebound persons without air conditioning are at an even greater risk for developing symptoms of heat stroke? If you have […]

Changing….One Tiny Habit at a Time

  J. Fogg, PhD, a Stanford expert in behavioral change, developed the “Tiny Habit” method of changing behavior.  He has dedicated two decades of research to helping people make changes that “stick.”  He is well aware that big goals tend to fail, and many of us give up after feeling like failures.  His research has […]

Primary Care Clinic

  Over the past five years, our membership-based Primary Care Clinic has been dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare to all of the members.  When we first opened the clinic, it was our goal to make primary healthcare more accessible and affordable to everyone who lives in our community.  Growing the clinic was an incredible experience […]

Legalized Marijuana: What does it mean from an employment standpoint?

  There are two very distinct groups that contact Occupational Health about this topic, and surprisingly both ask the very same question.  Whether it is an employer or a prospective employee, a common question comes up:  “What does this mean for me?”  It seems that each group is preparing for considerable changes in the way […]

Change is a Constant

  Change is not easy and is a challenge to us all. However, we cannot forget that change is a constant and the better we are able to embrace change the better we can manage our feelings of change. I love this quote – “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. […]


  What is Conflict? Conflict generally occurs when people find themselves in the midst of opposition.  This may begin with disagreements or when differences are emphasized.  Misunderstandings and stubbornness also often come into play.  Unchecked, conflict can trigger stress, frustration, hostility, withdrawal, blaming, fear, mistrust, disappointment, defensiveness, resentment, and even retaliation.  When managed productively, conflict […]

Two Injuries – One Treatment

  Tips for Sprain and Strain Management What is the difference between a sprain and a strain? Some believe that it’s two terms describing the same thing, but that’s not exactly it. A sprain is a tear in the ligament, and is common in the ankle, knee, wrist, thumb, or shoulder. A strain occurs when […]

Lane County’s First Hospice House to Open in 2016

  With the recent purchase of property at 4010 County Farm Road in Eugene, CHS will move forward with plans to build the long-awaited hospice house. The property consists of a 4.79-acre parcel that includes walking paths, landscaping, and a pond. Construction on the 12-bedroom house, designed to look and feel like a family home, […]


  Procrastination means putting off issues of importance or urgency for less important or even trivial activities.  20% of adults (85% of college students) report this as a significant problem.  Procrastination can threaten health (delaying medical check-ups, dental-care maintenance, etc.), harm relationships, and even end employment.  40% of taxpayers have experienced financial penalties from delaying […]


To create an effective, action-based mindset, it’s often necessary to interrupt negative self talk.  But before we can substitute in a goal focus, we sometimes need to say STOP to paralyzing self criticism.  Here are some helpful steps. First, ‘listen to the tape.’ Many people have no idea what they say to themselves. Their self talk […]

Safety in the Home – Cascade Home Health’s #1 Priority

  If you or your family’s greatest wish is to stay in your own home as long as possible as you age, then avoiding accidents is tantamount in keeping you safe and healthy.  Accidents caused by falls and medication errors rank high in causing people to leave their home and be placed in a facility. […]

Lane County’s First Hospice Facility

  The Festival of Trees is raising money to build Lane County’s first hospice facility. When the board decided to take this on as our project we had just lost one of the communities great men in my opinion. Over a lifetime that spanned six decades J. Peter “Pete” Moore made each moment matter, quietly […]

Mark Your Calendars

  Mark your calendars as Festival of Trees is almost here.  The Festival of Trees always runs Wednesday – Sunday, the week of Thanksgiving at the Valley River Inn.  This year it is November 26 – November 30th, so mark your calendars.  Admission cost is $6 for adults and $4 for children and seniors. What […]


  With all the challenges in our lives, one place we should be able to look for a supportive friend is within our own minds.  Despite this, many people are very hard on themselves – very critical and even demeaning. Sometimes people believe that being hard on themselves makes them toe-the-line or do higher quality […]

Festival of Trees

  Festival of Trees began in 1993 and is now in its 22nd year.  It was created as a first class holiday event to keep our Foundation donors and volunteers involved.  We promoted it the first year to create a holiday tradition in your family and kick off the holiday spirit.  As I reflect back […]

On-site health clinics pay dividends for employers

  We’re seeing more interest in on-site health clinics among employers. The benefits can include cost savings, more predictable costs, productivity gains, improved employee wellness, and more timely access to health care for employees and their families. How it works Generally, an employer provides a location and hires a provider to run a workplace clinic […]


  Authored by Tina Fredette “The two words information and communication are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.” Sydney Harris (American Journalist)  Communicating information is a two way system. At Cascade Health Solutions, we understand that teaching is a dialogue that involves listening and […]

Safety Stumper???

  Keeping employees engaged in your safety culture can be a challenge. We all know that we are required to do annual classes to stay OSHA compliant, and one person can only do so many things to keep it interesting. So what can a person do to mix it up? Invite a guest instructor from […]

Bring on the heat!

  Summer is always a great time to enjoy the outdoors, but when temperatures get in the 80’s or above, we need to take care to make sure we don’t have any heat related emergencies. Stay hydrated, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Keep drinking WATER, don’t overdo things, and if you are exerting yourself, […]

Are you Tough Enough to Wear Pink?

  The Eugene Pro Rodeo has selected Cascade Health Foundation as their charity of choice. The Cascade Health Foundation supports low cost screening and diagnostic breast imaging for both women and men through Cascade Health Solutions. July 5th, 2014 is “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” Night at the Eugene Pro Rodeo! Get your pink on! […]

Knuckle Popping – Is it Good or Bad?

  We’ve all heard it said, “Keep popping your knuckles and you’ll get arthritis”, but is it true?  Before we get into the research, let’s look at what causes the “pop”. Popping of a joint happens when the joint is stretched to a point that a vacuum or suction forms inside the joint.  Most of […]

Learned Optimism

  According to Dr. Martin Seligman, psychologist, professor, author, and former head of the American Psychological Association, people’s sense of wellbeing is derived from three sources: About half of our personality seems to be inherited. Much of how we feel about life comes from where we live. Democracies allow more optimism than living under the […]

Skills for the Job of Living: Focus on Bathing in the Home Health Setting

  A blog posted on October 11, 2013 focused on the many aspects of caring for the elderly in the home with the assistance of an Occupational Therapist (OT).  OT’s focus on common, every-day occurrences known as activities of daily living (ADL’s), such as bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, and feeding.  Bathing and toileting are the […]

Oh, My Aching Back! (Part One)

  If you are like most human beings, at some point in your life, these four words will pass through your lips as you wince in pain….“Oh, my aching back!” The good news is that there are practical steps that can be taken to ease this common discomfort, and better yet, avoid it altogether! This […]

Oh, My Aching Back! (Part Two)

  In Part One we covered the most common causes of back pain and the three most frequent injuries that are the source of this pain. Now we move on to tried and true, trust-worthy prevention tips and techniques to reduce the chances that you’ll ever need to utter these painful words… “Oh, my aching […]

Diabetes is Expensive… But the Fixes Can be Cheap, Even Savored

  The American Diabetes Association reports that the cost of diagnosed diabetes has increased 41% since 2007. In 2013 the cost rose to $245 billion per year, up from $174 billion in 2007. The individual person with diabetes will incur about $13,700 in medical expenditures a year, about twice the amount incurred by someone without […]

Substance Testing in the Workplace

  Drug testing in the workplace is becoming as common as filling out a job application for more companies every day. There are many situations in which an employer could request that a drug or alcohol screen be performed, including: Pre-Placement, Random, Post Accident, Reasonable Suspicion/Just Cause, or Return to Duty. Though there is not […]

Scams, Gambling, and Older Patients with Diabetes

  According to an article in the January-February, 2014 AARP Bulletin, there is research showing that compulsive gambling is linked to obesity and heart disease, as well as other chronic health problems. According to University of Iowa psychiatry professor Donald M. Black, M.D., “The worse the gambling disorder, the worse the chronic health conditions we […]

Ergonomic Devices Provide Finishing Workstation Touches

  Now that we’ve covered posture, chairs, and work surfaces, we’ll turn to how the monitor, or visual display terminal (VDT) can further support a quality ergonomic setup. The monitor and keyboard should be placed so they are in a straight, direct line with the body. The upper line on the monitor should be at […]

Best Kept Work Surface Secrets for Ergonomic Blissa

  The ability to maintain a neutral posture is contingent on proper work surface height, depth, and accessibility. Here are a couple concepts to keep in mind when you are considering yours. Work surface height should be easily adjustable to allow the worker to change positions as the task being performed changes. Desk or table […]

Helpful Tips for Walker Use at Home

  First things first, know what your doctor feels is safe for you at this time: It is important that you follow your doctor’s orders and put only the amount of weight advised on your affected side. They may recommend one of the following: full weight bearing, weight bearing as tolerated, partial weight bearing at […]

Adjustable Chair is a Key Tool for Workstation Well-being

  Did you know that the starting place for each office ergonomic evaluation begins with the chair? The reason for this is that the chair accounts for about 80% of a worker’s physical contact with the workstation. A chair with multiple adjustment capabilities is ideal because this not only allows an individual worker to adjust […]

Resolving Job Performance and Conduct Problem Behaviors

  Addressing and resolving job performance and conduct related problem behavior is often difficult and daunting. The risks and distress that comes from confronting an employee regarding problem behavior can be high. Yet, the risk and potential negative consequences that can result by allowing problem behavior to continue can be even higher. It is rarely […]

Here Come The Holidays!

  Here come the Holidays! And here comes the challenge…how do you get through the Thanksgiving meal without overeating, and then regretting it? Here are some tips that may help: Eat breakfast on Thanksgiving Day, and if the meal is towards evening, have lunch too. See if you can arrange to have 9-inch plates for […]

A Team Approach

  We’ve all read it: “He died peacefully at home surrounded by his family”. Certainly most of us have expressed it: “I want to go quietly, in my sleep, at home…”. It is a desire for all: to die at home, with family. This is a choice we can make; but not all of us […]

Medication Side Effect Benefits?

  Are there surprising good side effects of our medications? We know that blood pressure medications are great for blood pressure, but what if they also reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s disease? Wouldn’t that be terrific? Research from the University of Hawaii suggests that men being treated with beta-blockers have up to 40% fewer Alzheimer’s […]

Posture Tips for Better Office Ergonomics

  We hear a lot about ergonomics these days, but did you know that in order to understand the best way to set up a computer workstation, you first need to understand neutral posture? Neutral posture is a comfortable working posture in which your joints are naturally aligned and your risk of developing a musculoskeletal […]

Shopping for groceries with Type 2 Diabetes

  Did you know that Wednesday is a good day to shop for groceries? Stores are less crowded and some stores mark their prices down mid-week too.* Go to the store when you are “full” and less likely to be tempted to over-shop. Make a list and don’t stray far from it. You’ll save both […]

Speech Therapy in Home Health

  Home Health speech therapy services cover a diverse set of challenges including those of swallowing, speech, language, voice, and cognition. People may need these services for a variety of reasons ranging from having experienced a stroke or car accident, to families caring for an elder with dementia, struggling with some behavioral challenges.                 A […]

An Avenue to Solve Personal Problems for Employees

Workers today report significant levels of stress, citing low salaries, lack of opportunities for advancement, and heavy workloads as major contributing factors. According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, two-thirds of adults in the United States say that their work causes them stress, and one-third of respondents cite their work as a […]

The Flu Review

  As the flu season approaches it is important that we keep in mind ways to help each other stay healthy. Here are some useful tips to think about when you and your loved ones start getting the aches and sniffles.   #1 The flu isn’t just another cold Influenza is a serious disease and […]

Enhance Organizational Success by Partnering with an Employee Assistance Program

  How do you support employees while asking them to increase productivity and efficiency? If an employee is underperforming, how can you motivate her? If you notice an employee’s work suffering because he seems preoccupied with a family problem, how can you help? These are challenging, sensitive, but very human problems that managers often face. […]

Later Tipping Points

  There are, of course, almost an infinite number of facets to consider regarding death and the dying process. Two tipping points are often the most difficult for caregivers to wrestle with. Hydration and Nutrition The first is the consideration of when feeding and hydrating the patient is no longer considered a comfort to the […]

Emotions of Facing Death

  I remember being a new nurse just out of school. I took a job at a state mental hospital in a maximum security unit and worked there for two and a half years. As I look back on that experience, I have one huge take-away. I found that the emotional and mental effort of […]

Early Tipping Points

  Today, I want to speak of the real work of hospice from the perspective of those doing the “real work.” This is the extremely hard work the families do and the tipping point choices they make. For those of you who are here seeking to understand hospice, it must be noted that the care […]

Are your First Aid Kits up to snuff?

  We often get caught up in the whirlwind of the daily operations of our business. So while a First Aid Kit, and what is in it, may be low on your priority list, they are required by Oregon OSHA. The size of your business and the locations of your employees will help determine how […]

Flying with diabetes!

  Yes you can! The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows passengers to board airplanes with insulin, syringes, insulin pumps, liquids such as juice, and “all diabetes related medication, equipment, and supplies.” Here are some tips:   When you can, bring prescription labels for all medications. They aren’t required, but it may help things go more […]

Occupational Therapy – Skills for the job of living

  I love my role on the home health team, because every day I get to help patients become empowered to be independent at home. The mission of Cascade Health Solutions, “to improve the quality of life in our community…” goes hand in hand with my expertise as an Occupational Therapist (OT). Every day, I […]

Jamie Skiles, R.D., L.D.

  As a dietitian, I feel like I should have a little variety in my fruit/vegetable consumption and some “know how” with regards to preparation of foods. My husband and I found ourselves, rotating between the same 7 to 10ish dinner meals as the weeks were going by last year. I had heard of CSA […]

Creating Balance in Work and Life

  Spring is a great time to set goals to reduce stress and find balance in your life. With work, family, social obligations, and many other demands, there seems to be very little time for activities that bring relaxation and renewal. Yet research shows that our physical health, our emotional wellbeing, as well as our […]

Mayors Challenge Grant – Cascade Health Solutions and the City of Springfield are among the Top 20 Finalists in the Nation!

  The Bloomberg Grant, if awarded, will enable access to primary care services for the community. The City of Springfield has partnered with Cascade Health Solutions to present an innovative idea for delivering medical care to our community. It’s part of the Mayors Challenge, a competition to inspire American cities to generate innovative ideas that […]

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

  The holiday season is filled with wonderful food, seasonal goodies, and lots of cheer. We also look forward to spending meaningful time with family and friends at social gatherings. What we don’t look forward too is how bad we feel in January when we find ourselves a little heavier, a bit more sluggish and […]

The Festival of Trees raises money to build Lane County’s first hospice facility

  When the Board decided to take this on as our project we had just lost one of the communities great men, in my opinion. Over a lifetime that spanned six decades, J. Peter “Pete” Moore made each moment matter, quietly but steadily transforming his position as a prominent second generation businessman into community activism, […]

Hospice and Palliative Care Month

  November is always a special month for the professionals that I work with in hospice because it is the national month dedicated to Hospice and Palliative Care. The designation of a month for this purpose may not have much meaning to the general public, but I am certain that it means something extremely special […]

Cascade Health Solutions Recognized as a Best Non Profit to Work For in Oregon

  How often might an employee begin to feel some aches and pains on the job and think, “I’m sure this will go away on its own?” New employees are using muscles and joints they may not have used for awhile, especially if they have spent time unemployed and they might be afraid to mention […]

The new A, B, C’s of CPR

  Sudden cardiac arrest can occur with absolutely no warning. Often this sudden, unexpected event can startle and alarm bystanders. Did you know that you can play a very pivotal roll in saving someone’s life during a cardiac arrest? Here is how! Tragically more than 383,000 people in America suffer from sudden cardiac arrest outside of a […]

Four Steps to Healthier Eating

  Step 1: Understand how you eat To eat healthier, you first need to know what constitutes a balanced diet. The food pyramid is a great guide to understanding nutritional requirements. You can even customize your plan at by entering your gender, age, height and weight. Once you understand which food groups and portions […]

Correct worker aches and pains before they result in a claim

  How often might an employee begin to feel some aches and pains on the job and think, “I’m sure this will go away on its own?” New employees are using muscles and joints they may not have used for awhile, especially if they have spent time unemployed and they might be afraid to mention […]

Employee Wellness Programs – Creating a Culture of Health: Part 1

  Employee wellness programs are a key component for both large and small businesses. They can provide a tool for employee engagement and attract quality staff in addition to reducing absenteeism, healthcare costs, and turnover rates. Workers who are feeling good both mentally and physically are more likely to perform at their highest level and […]

Hospice volunteers support both patients and caregivers

  Nationwide, volunteers serve as the heartbeat of hospice. In addition to being overseen by healthcare professionals, people on hospice are loved and partly cared for by trained volunteers who want to give the gift of presence. It’s not an occupation, but a calling. At Cascade Hospice, volunteers offer kind attention at the end of […]

If you think weight loss is the answer, start by asking yourself some questions

  Before you dive into a new diet or weight-loss program, run through the following exercise to help you determine your likelihood of success. Step 1: Ask yourself: “Is this a good time for me to take on the challenge of losing weight?” Think about other major changes or stresses you are facing – or […]

Reducing workplace injuries: Get the right worker in the right job

  How to reduce workplace injuries and improve your bottom line Let’s say an employer has incorporated all reasonable ergonomic interventions, minimized the physical demands of a job, and effectively made the job as safe as possible. What more can an employer do to reduce worker compensation costs? It’s an important question because widespread occurrences […]

Healthy summer eating habits

  Hooray! Hooray! Summer has arrived! For me, summer officially begins when I get to cruise through the store and farmer markets and marvel at the vibrant colors and smell the sweet aromas of all the fresh local fruits and vegetables. I enjoy fruits and vegetables year round, but during this time of year there […]

Cascade Home Health wins national award

  Cascade Health Solutions’ Home Health agency was recently awarded 2011 Home Care Elite status for being in the top 20th percentile of all agencies in the nation that are achieving excellent quality outcomes. This designation was awarded to only eight agencies in Oregon; Cascade Home Health was the only agency awarded in Lane County. […]

How to reduce workplace injuries and improve your bottom line

  How to reduce workplace injuries and improve your bottom line We’ve all heard it: “Uhhh, Boss? I think I hurt myself.” These words are guaranteed to cause your stomach to boil. Not only is one of your vital employees out of commission, but you now have to stop what you’re doing and coordinate First […]