About Occupational Health

Maintaining a Healthy Workforce

When it comes to your workforce, pre-employment testing, injury prevention, physical therapy, and on-site treatment are all cogs in the wheel of productivity. Let Cascade Occupational Health help keep your organization in motion.

Promoting a healthy workforce

The value of your workers’ health and quality of life is our main goal. We want to help you increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and promote financial savings for your organization through a reduction in health care and workers’ compensation costs.

For more than 30 years, Cascade Health has been recognized as one of the most comprehensive occupational health programs for worker health and safety. We are the provider of choice for more than 3,000 Lane County businesses, offering prompt, personal, and reliable occupational health services. Our greatest strengths include our staff expertise, innovation, commitment, and customer satisfaction.

The value of our services


Through prevention, early intervention, return-to-work strategies, and timely rehabilitation, Cascade Health offers the continuum of care you need to improve your employees’ health and safety, as well as your bottom line.

King Estate

Cascade Occupational Health Services are absolutely critical to our business. For us, they provide excellent screening and testing for everything from Department of Transportation Medical Certification to fittings for respirator use and everything in between. The doctors at Cascade Health Solutions know that helping employees return to work as soon as possible, even if on modified duty, benefits the worker just as much as the employer.

The longer an employee is off work, the more expensive the claim becomes. Providing us the tools to supply our employees with excellent medical care and follow-up treatment is a win-win! The physicians make personal phone calls to make sure we understand a workers restrictions or to verify test results while still maintaining professional privacy standards. Whether at their location in Eugene or somewhere on our 1,000 acre estate, we can depend on the results we get from Cascade.

Kristy Schneider, PHR
Human Resources Manager, King Estate

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