Substance Abuse Evaluations

A Path Forward from Substance Abuse


Alcohol, Marijuana and other drug evaluations  

If an employee tests positive for substances, or if there is reasonable suspicion, the path forward can be unclear. Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP’s trained social workers do evaluations with workers who may be struggling with substance abuse, then collaborate with the employee and employer to plan treatment as needed and build accountability for recovery success.


SAP Services: Substance Abuse Professionals

If you are a D.O.T. regulated employee with a positive drug test, or an employer whose worker needs to get back to the job, Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP has qualified substance abuse professionals (SAPs) who are quick, thorough, and knowledgeable. You can expect comprehensive evaluations, prompt reports, and thorough follow-up plans.

Please call (541) 345-2800 with any questions or to schedule a SAP evaluation.

We’ll help you maintain your drug-free work environment and comply with D.O.T. regulations.


Manager, Jodi DePaoli

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