Management Referral

Management Referrals & Consultations

Problems with individual employees can negatively impact morale, job performance and your bottom line. Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP offers supervisors the opportunity to refer employees for disciplinary and performance management issues to better the workplace.

Employer referral forms can be downloaded below.

Supervisor referral steps

  1. Recognize the problem.
  2. Complete applicable forms and document the problem.
  3. Fax forms to Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP at (541) 345-4419.
  4. Have the employee call to schedule the first appointment.
  5. The counselor will call the supervisor prior to the first session.


Supervisors normally consult with the assigned Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP counselor regarding the employee issue. Prior to making a referral, the supervisor talks with the employee and defines the desired behavioral change and then requests that the employee call  to schedule their first appointment.

Release of information

The employee signs the management referral form (link available below), then the employer provides written documentation to Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP outlining the problem. This allows the counselor to review the issues prior to meeting with the employee. During this initial meeting, we carefully outline the management referral procedures answer any questions the employee might have.


The Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP counselor contacts the supervisor to report attendance and participation after the employee has completed their first session. Regular feedback is provided to the employer until the problem is resolved or the case is closed.

Group sessions available

In addition to or in lieu of one-on-one counseling, meetings can also be arranged to include the supervisor, counselor, and the employee.


Making an employee referral is easy

We’ve provided the following forms to assist you in the employee referral process.  Simply download, print, and complete the referral form using the Universal Job Expectations as a guide.  Meet with your employee to go over the forms and get their signature, then fax the signed and completed forms to (541) 345-4419.

For alcohol and/or drug related referrals, please complete and submit both forms.

For employers:
Management Referral Form
Substance Abuse Referral Form
Universal Job Expectations

Manager, Jodi DePaoli

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