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How often do supervisors and employees use Cascade Health’s employee assistance services?

We are proud to say that our clients use our services more than twice the national average for employee assistance programs.

What should I do in the event of a crisis?

Contact us. In the event of a traumatic workplace event, a trained counselor will report to your worksite within two hours and provide caring and compassionate crisis support and/or a more traditional critical incident debriefing within 48 hours, based on the needs of your organization.

What services do you provide in the event of a crisis?

On-site services include group debriefings, individual counseling, and supervisory consultations. We can also facilitate work support groups related to losses, such as the severe or prolonged illness or expected death of a co-worker. In addition, we offer written materials on coping with grief and acute stress.

I have an employee who’s causing trouble, what do I do?

Our highly trained staff will work with you and your human resources team to prevent and resolve workplace difficulties by providing timely consultation for supervisors when questions, concerns, or uncomfortable feelings arise. By taking advantage of this service, we can help you diffuse situations before they become larger issues. When there’s a history of problems, employees can be referred to us. In addition to one-on-one counseling, group sessions that include a counselor, employee, and supervisor are also available.

Is there a way I can prevent problems in the workplace?

Yes. On-site trainings can help managers and supervisors identify and deal with issues in the workplace before they become bigger problems. Our staff members are highly skilled in developing and tailoring individual training sessions to meet the needs of organizations.

What types of services are available to employees?

We offer confidential, professional counseling and access to services to help your employees successfully deal with personal and practical issues that interfere with everyday functioning. This may include counseling or advice and resources for childcare, eldercare, and financial or legal advice. We also offer health and wellness education and support, such as weight management and more.

Where can I find your notice of privacy practices?

The notice of privacy practices is here: Notice of Privacy Practices.


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