Pete Moore Hospice House

Pete Moore Hospice House

Cascade Health’s Pete Moore Hospice House is Lane County’s only hospice house. We are unique in our ability to provide compassionate, culturally sensitive, hospital-level care in a comfortable, secure and home-like environment. Helping people understand end-of-life care options is part of our nonprofit mission.

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Pete Moore Hospice House is a Medicare certified inpatient hospice house located in Eugene, Oregon. Our goals are to ensure you or your loved one experience the highest quality of life possible while living and to facilitate a peaceful passing. Our professional team is both exceptionally skilled and deeply passionate about what we do, caring for every person and family that comes through our doors as we would our own.

We provide around-the-clock, full-service patient- and family-guided care tailored to your individual needs. Our holistic approach to hospice is intended to help bring physical, emotional, social and spiritual comfort to those we have the privilege to serve.


Facts About Pete Moore Hospice House

  • Research shows that hospice patients live longer on average than non-hospice patients and enjoy a higher quality of life.
  • Cascade Health is the only locally founded, nonprofit hospice organization in Lane County.
  • Pete Moore Hospice House was built for the community, by the community and welcomes all community members on hospice.
  • Our service to you includes all medical care, medications, equipment, personal care needs and customized meals.
  • Volunteer and alternative comfort care services such as pet therapy, massage, music, companionship and more are also available.
  • Spiritual and grief counseling are available to you and those you love.
  • Your stay at Pete Moore Hospice House is a choice and you may revert to home hospice or revoke hospice status at any time, for any reason. You may also choose to return to Pete Moore Hospice House later if you still qualify for hospice care.


Pete Moore Hospice House Amenities

  • Warm wood, comfortable furniture, natural light and ample rooms give Pete Moore Hospice House an inviting, non-institutional atmosphere for residents and their loved ones.
  • Each of the 14 private rooms at Pete Moore Hospice House is equipped with an ensuite bathroom, private patio, fireplace, television and couch bed to allow visitors to spend the night when appropriate.
  • Family-friendly common rooms such as a great room, study, chapel, kitchen and dining room allow for larger gatherings of loved ones.
  • The house is situated in a beautiful, park-like setting with walking paths, a pond, a gazebo and seating to support both boisterous family gatherings and quiet contemplation in nature.

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When to Consider Pete Moore Hospice House

Many people want to be at home through the end of their lives, and Cascade Health’s home hospice can fulfill this wish for thousands of people. When home hospice is not an option, Cascade Health’s Pete Moore Hospice House may be a good fit. We provide a secure, comfortable, family-friendly home away from home to ensure your comfort in the last stages of life.

Pete Moore Hospice House might be a good fit for you if:

  • You are eligible for and elect to use hospice. To find out if your hospice agency is contracted to admit to the house, please call us at (541) 228-3050.
  • Your end-of-life symptoms can no longer be managed at home.
  • You do not have a family member or friend who is able to be your primary caregiver.
  • Your primary caregiver is no longer able to physically or emotionally provide the level of care you need.
  • Your caregiver needs respite care assistance to allow them to attend to other matters or take a break.


Types of Care at Pete Moore Hospice House

Your eligibility and the cost of care at the Pete Moore Hospice House depend on the type of care you need. There are three types of care available:

General Inpatient Care

General Inpatient Care is the most medically intensive level of care and is available when symptoms cannot be adequately managed at home. Eligibility is determined by the hospice provider based on specific Medicare criteria.

GIP care is fully covered by Medicare and most private insurance companies.

Covered stay: as needed.

Typical duration of stay: 5 days or fewer.

Respite Care

The demands of caregiving are rigorous, and respite care provides family or unpaid caregivers time away to rest and regenerate. Respite care can be restorative for both patients and caregivers while ensuring that all medical needs are being met.

Respite care is covered in full by Medicare and most private insurance companies.

 Covered stay: up to 5 days every 6 months.

Residential Care

Residential care is an option for those who prefer the comfort of Pete Moore Hospice House or do not have a person who is able to provide at-home care, depending on bed availability.

The medical portion of residential care is covered by Medicare and most private insurance companies; room and board charges of $375/day are the responsibility of the patient/family.

Covered stay: at will.

A Cascade Health Hospice intake specialist can help you determine your eligibility for Pete Moore Hospice House.

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Pete Moore Hospice House FAQ

What geographical area do you serve?

Cascade Health cares for people in Lane County, Oregon, including Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Junction City, Creswell, Florence, Oakridge, Coburg and Lowell.

Do I need a referral?

Yes. Talk with your doctor, case manager or existing hospice provider to assist with admission to Pete Moore Hospice House or call us at (541) 228-3050.

Do you have to be a Cascade Health Hospice patient to use Pete Moore Hospice House?

You do not have to be a Cascade Hospice patient to use Pete Moore Hospice House. We accept patients from any hospice agency with which we have an active contract in place.

Will you take patients on IV’s?

We can accept patients who have IV access, and we are able to administer IV medications and infusions.

Who pays for transportation to Pete Moore Hospice House?

If you are a current Cascade Health Hospice patient, we will pay for transportation to and from Pete Moore Hospice House in most cases.

Can I use death with dignity or medical aid in dying medications at Pete Moore Hospice House?

We are not able to support patient-hastened death at Pete Moore Hospice House. If medically aided death is something in which you are interested, we encourage you to explore the requirements early and plan to stay in or return to your place of residence. If you choose this route, Cascade Health in-home hospice will not interfere with your choice. Our mission is to provide compassionate relief from symptoms, comfort and support for the end of life, but we do not participate in care that hastens death. Cascade Health providers cannot serve as the attending or consulting physician whose signatures are necessary to apply for medically aided death medications.

Do you use restraints at Pete Moore Hospice House?

No, Pete Moore Hospice House is a restraint-free facility.

Is smoking permitted at Pete Moore Hospice House?

Smoking is not permitted in Pete Moore Hospice House or on the grounds. However, a designated smoking area is available. Staff may not accompany patients to the smoking area.


Honoring Pete Moore

 J. Peter “Pete” Moore made each moment matter. His spirit of service, generosity, and compassion for his community went beyond financial support. Pete willingly gave of his time, expertise, and enthusiasm. He graciously inspired others, from his employees at Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Eugene to community leaders, to join him in his commitment to quality, accessible health care.


Pete Moore Hospice House

4010 County Farm Road Eugene, OR

Monica Gibbs, manager

For referrals, contact us at:

(541) 228-3050

To arrange a tour, or if you are a family member of a current Pete Moore Hospice House resident, please call the house directly at:

(458) 205-7550

Your Care. Your Choice.

When it comes time for hospice, you have a choice of hospice providers. Cascade Health is the only locally-founded nonprofit hospice organization in Lane County. We are consistently ranked one of the top hospice providers in our community by our clients as determined by required surveys from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Explore and compare at Care Compare.


Patient Rights to Have Support Persons

Under Oregon law, people with disabilities have the right to receive support from people they trust while they are at the Pete Moore Hospice House. Eligible patients have the right to designate support persons to help communicate with hospice staff, make health care decisions or assist with activities of daily living. Please see our full policy below for more information.

PC-27 Support Persons for Eligible Patients