Behavioral Health & Employee Assistance Program

Creating Healthy Behaviors in the Workplace

Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP partners with employers to design and implement a suite of services to promote a safe, productive workplace. Staffed by licensed psychologists, master’s-level social workers and master’s level counselors, we work with organizational leaders to enhance employee satisfaction, health, and well-being.

For more than 30 years Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP  has provided comprehensive personalized care for employers, clients and community members. We live and work in the community we serve, which affords us a unique perspective on ways to assist local businesses and industries.


Why EAP?

Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP helps boost productivity and workplace wellness by providing counseling, problem resolution, and training. Research shows most work injuries occur after difficult life events, such as divorce, loss or career/job change. An EAP helps individuals manage these situations and learn coping mechanisms that promote health and wellbeing.


Program Services & Specialties

Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP offers a wide range of services for EAP companies:

  • Counseling
  • Supervisor coaching & consulting
  • Critical incident debriefing
  • Annual training calendar
  • Comprehensive career assessment
  • Coworker conflict dispute resolution
  • Substance abuse assessment
  • Behavior management for professionals
  • Management skill enhancement program
  • On-site trainings & seminars
  • Team building

Manager, Jodi DePaoli

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“I didn’t consider myself the kind of person that got depressed. But there was a time in my life I was under so much stress that little by little I felt more and more down. Until, all of a sudden, I found myself unable to function like I used to. I called Cascade Health. They kept all of my information confidential. No one at work ever knew. My counselor gave me tools to work through the problem and live a normal life.”

See our EAP Trainings Page for upcoming classes and trainings.