Critical Incident Response

Support when you need it most

In the event of a traumatic workplace event, a trained counselor will respond within two hours and provide caring and compassionate crisis support and/or a more traditional critical incident debriefing within 48 hours, based on the needs of your organization.

A critical incident is a workplace event that can impact workers directly or indirectly. In a debriefing, a trained counselor helps individuals understand what happened, how to cope, and how to heal.

On-site services include group debriefings, individual counseling, and supervisory consultation. Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP can also facilitate work group meetings related to losses, such as the severe or prolonged illness or expected death of a co-worker. In addition, we offer written materials on coping with grief and acute stress.

The benefit to you and your employees is immeasurable.


Manager, Jodi DePaoli

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