Co-Worker Dispute Resolution

Co-Worker Dispute Resolution

The highly trained staff at Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP will work with you and your human resources team to prevent and resolve workplace difficulties by providing timely consultation for supervisors when questions, concerns, or difficult situations arise. By taking advantage of this service, we can help you diffuse situations before they become bigger issues.

Supervisors will have access to unlimited confidential consultations by phone or in person.

Early consultation often helps supervisors avoid or resolve problems before they become disciplinary situations. Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP can help trouble-shoot expected situations, brainstorm how to deal with an existing situation, and create a plan to avoid future difficulties. Our staff is trained in mediating conflict and helping individuals involved come to a satisfactory resolution. When a coworker dispute arises, a Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP counselor will meet with each employee individually to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the situation.  The counselor will then meet with all parties together to facilitate a conversation and create a customized resolution plan in order to establish a healthy workplace.

Dispute resolution process

  1. Recognize the problem & contact Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP .
  2. Have all employees involved sign the Agreement to Participate in Dispute Resolution Form
  3. Fax forms to Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP at 541-345-4419.
  4. Have the employees call to schedule their 1 on 1 appointment.
  5. Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP will schedule the mediation session after employees have completed their 1 on 1 appointments.
  6. After the dispute resolution has been completed, the supervisor will receive a copy of the Resolution Plan.

* Co-worker Dispute Resolutions can take place at your workplace or at our offices. Talk to Cascade Behavioral Health & EAP about what works best for your specific situation.

Manager, Laurel Anderson

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