Pre-Appointment Expectations

Pre-Appointment Expectations

There are a number of things that can make your visit to our Occupational Health clinic as quick and efficient as possible.  Please review the following information before your visit.

Physical Exams

An appointment with a medical provider is required for a physical.  Please call 541-228-3100 to set up an appointment.  If this is for a DOT physical, please call 2 weeks before your certification expires.

What to bring: Valid photo identification and a current medication list.  If you use corrective lenses, bring your contact lenses or glasses.

What to expect: A technician will be collecting a urine sample for analysis. This may include a drug test depending on the type of exam you are having. The technician will then check your vision and vitals prior to your exam.

*You will be filling out a brief health history form. To fill out ahead of time click here:

Physical Exam Form 

DOT physical form link :


For Commercial Drivers Renewing Their Medical Card:

A history of diabetes, hypertension, cardiac events, sleep apnea, seizure, or vision / hearing problems, may require further documentation from your health care provider.   You might also need to apply for a Federal Exemption or a State Waiver if you have certain medical conditions.

If you have a history of diabetes, hypertension, cardiac events, sleep apnea, vision or hearing problems, documentation from your primary health provider may be required.

Sleep Apnea:  Bring your latest CPAP print out and annual assessment from your sleep specialist.

High Blood Pressure:  Bring a list of your medications. Keep in mind that stress, caffeine, and smoking can raise your blood pressure.

Cardiac Events: If you have had a heart attack, heart surgery, stent placement, ect; you will need to bring records from your cardiologist regarding the status of your condition.  If the event occurred recently, this may include a release to resume normal activities.  Bring a copy of your most recent cardiac testing as well.

Recent Major Surgery: If you have had major surgery within the past 90 days, please bring a statement from your surgeon regarding your ability to drive safely.

Diabetes:  Bring records from your most recent follow-up exam with your doctor, along with your A1C.  If you have an exemption or waiver already issued, bring that as well.

Seizure:  Bring your medical records regarding this condition.  You will likely need to apply for an exemption or waiver.

Vision/Hearing:  Bring your glasses/hearing aids, and any applicable exemptions or waivers.

Medications:  If you take anti-psychotics, narcotics, tranquilizers, or other sedating medications, bring a letter or medical records from the prescribing physician.  It needs to describe the diagnosis, stability of your medical treatment, and a comment on sedations.  In general, taking sedating medications while driving in not considered safe.

For more information on these requirements, please refer to the following resources.

ODOT CDL/ CLP Medical Examination and Physical Requirements

FMCSA,  49 CFR 391

For more information of exemptions:


Drug Screen Services

No appointment is required for a drug screen only.  Simply check in at our clinic between 7am and 5:45pm.

What to bring: Valid photo identification

What to expect: A technician will collect a urine sample for analysis.  Once the test has started, you cannot leave the clinic until it is completed.   If you cannot produce enough urine, you can drink water and wait in the waiting area until are able to provide a sample.  Volume of water and wait times are subject to Federal regulation.  Results will be communicated to the party that ordered the test, usually your employer.  If the test is positive, a doctor may call you to discuss it.


Hearing and Vision Testing:

Hearing and vision tests are often done along with a physical.  We do perform these tests on a walk-in basis in certain situations.  If you are having a hearing test:

*You will be filling out a brief audio form. To print and fill out this form ahead of time, please click here:

Audio Form-Audiometric Data Sheet


Respiratory Testing:

Some occupations can expose a person to hazardous substances and require wearing a respirator.  OSHA Respirator testing starts with a mandatory questionnaire, that will be given to you by your employer, or can be emailed to you.  The completed form is returned to Cascade Health, where it is reviewed by an RN.  If you meet criteria to use a respirator at work, a certificate will be mailed to your employer.

A “FIT test” is done to make sure that the respirator you are using fits correctly on your face and doesn’t leak.  The area under the seal must be closely shaved before the test to ensure the respirator fits tightly.  All facial hair except a mustache and small “soul patch” must be shaved.  The test takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete and is performed at least annually. After passing a fit test with a respirator, you must use the exact same make, model, style, and size respirator on the job.

Please call 541-228-3100 to schedule an appointment for a Respiratory FIT test.  A FIT test is required for some employers, and the test may be done during an annual or pre-employment physical, or as a separate service.

*You will be filling out a Respiratory Questionnaire. To print and fill out this form ahead of time, please click here:

Respiratory Questionnaire Form


Immunizations and TB Testing:

Cascade Health provides immunizations and TB testing for individuals, employers and schools.  This can be done on a walk-in basis or at the time of a physical.  We do not do TB testing on Thursday due to the time frame requirements for reading.  We will review your immunization history through the Oregon Alert System to make sure you don’t already have immunity.  Depending on your history, we may recommend a “titer” which is a test to see if you have immunity from previous vaccinations received.


FAA Exams:

Cascade Health provides Federal Aviation Administration exams for pilots with 2nd and 3rd class licenses.  To register go to .  Click on the link to MedXPress to log in or create an account, and complete the questionnaire.  Note the reservation number you are given.  Then call us at 541-228-3100 to schedule your appointment.  Dr. Luci Kovacevic is our only FAA certified physician, so expect availability in 10-14 days from the date you call.  If you have any current medical conditions affecting your licensure, be sure to bring records from your physician to the appointment.

General Instructions

All of our Workplace Health Services are located in Suite 200 on the 2nd Floor of 2650 Suzanne Way in Eugene.

If you have an appointment, please show up 15 minutes prior to your time in order to check in and complete the necessary paperwork.

If you cannot make your appointment, please call with 48 hours notice.  You can reach our Workplace Health Department at:

541-228-3100 p.

Press option 1 for scheduling.

If your situation requires any supporting documentation, you can have it faxed directly to our offices at:

541-228-3185 f.