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Wherever your wanderlust leads you, Cascade Travel Health can help you go with confidence. Our travel health specialists provide personalized preventive care and recommendations to ensure you’re prepared for the adventure ahead. Complete and return a travel questionnaire now to get started – travel health appointments should be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks before your trip!


About Cascade Travel Health

No one wants the vacation of a lifetime or an important business trip ruined by a preventable illness. Serving the Eugene and Springfield, Oregon area, Cascade Travel Health provides travel counseling, routine and hard-to-find vaccinations and preventive prescriptions to keep you healthy and safe on your excursion – whether it’s a weekend trip or a sabbatical abroad.

Facts About Travel Health and Vaccination

  • Many vaccine-preventable diseases that are rare or eradicated in the United States are more common in other parts of the world, making travel vaccination crucial to maintaining your health abroad.
  • Vaccination, also called immunization or inoculation, is the safest, most effective way to prevent getting, spreading or developing serious side effects from many viruses, bacteria and parasites.
  • Diseases can be transmitted person-to-person, by insects and through contaminated food and water.
  • Parasites can exist in food, fresh water and soil.
  • Medical care is not always readily available or advanced in remote destinations.
  • Routine vaccinations protect against common infections such as the flu, tetanus, pertussis and COVID-19.

What to Expect at a Travel Health Consultation

When you book a consultation with Cascade Travel Health, one of our experienced specialists will work with you to develop a personalized, itinerary-specific care plan. Appointments last about 45 minutes and your consultant will:

  • Assess your health history and potential risks based on your destinations and planned activities.
  • Administer required and recommended vaccinations, including those like the Yellow Fever vaccine that are hard to find.
  • Counsel you regarding health and safety precautions, such as avoiding certain foods or being prepared with certain medications or supplies if you are injured or fall ill.
  • Provide current travel information, health risks and security precautions from the CDC and WHO to help decrease your chances of unexpected health problems.
  • Call in prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy for medication to prevent or self-treat common travel-related illnesses.

We offer:

  • Prescriptions for travel medications:
    • Antimalarial medications.
    • Antidiarrheal medications.
  • Travel and specialty vaccinations:
    • Yellow Fever vaccine.
    • Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.
    • Polio vaccine.
    • Rabies (pre- and post-exposure) vaccine.
    • Typhoid vaccine.
    • Hepatitis A vaccine.
    • Hepatitis B vaccine.
  • Routine vaccinations:
    • Flu vaccine.
    • Pneumococcal vaccine.
    • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine.
    • HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine.
    • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine.
    • Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine.
    • Meningococcal vaccine.

Fill out and return our travel questionnaire today to start booking your consultation. Or, if you have questions, contact us at (541) 228-3096 or!


Cost of Travel Health

Travel health consultations give you peace of mind while away from home and cost a flat fee of just $75, plus the cost of any immunizations we administer. We do not bill insurance but can provide you with an itemized receipt for your visit. If you have travel medicine coverage, you may submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Travel-Specific Vaccination Costs

    • Hepatitis A: $99
    • Typhoid: $154
    • Yellow Fever: $250
    • Rabies: $1,088 (series of 2 shots)
    • Japanese Encephalitis: $860 (series of 2 shots)
    • Hepatitis B: $362 (series of 2 shots)

Routine vaccinations are typically covered by your health insurance. We are happy to help you check your benefits to ensure they are covered prior to administering.

When and How to Book a Travel Health Consultation

Whenever you plan to travel internationally, schedule a travel health consultation 4 to 6 weeks prior to your travel date. Some travel vaccines require multiple shots and take time to become fully effective, so the further ahead you plan, the more secure you can feel in knowing you’re protected.

To book an appointment:

  • Complete our travel questionnaire.
  • Prepay the $75 consultation fee. Choose Wellness/Random/Vaccination for the Cascade Department Description and TRAVEL for the invoice number. You will not be asked to pay for immunizations until they are administered.
  • Once received, a travel specialist will review your questionnaire and compile their recommendations.
  • You will receive a call 3-5 days from the time we receive your questionnaire to schedule a convenient phone consultation.
  • At the end of your consultation, your specialist will schedule you for any immunizations you need, call in preventive prescriptions recommended and answer any remaining questions.
  • Immunizations are administered in our offices at 2650 Suzanne Way, Suite 200 in Eugene by qualified medical personnel. Payment is due at the time of your visit, and you will be provided with a vaccine record to take with you.

If you need to make alternate arrangements for completing your questionnaire, please contact us at (541) 228-3096 or


What geographical area do you serve?

Cascade Health cares for people in Lane County, Oregon, including Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Junction City, Creswell, Monroe, Veneta, Noti, Blue River, McKenzie Highway, Harrisburg, Sweethome, Oakridge, Coburg and Lowell.

Can’t I just go to my regular doctor for travel vaccinations?

Not all primary care providers carry travel-specific vaccinations such as those that prevent yellow fever, typhoid fever or hepatitis. If you prefer to get most vaccinations from your family doctor, we are happy to administer any they do not have in stock.

I came to see you previously and got my vaccinations for travel, but my itinerary has changed. Do I need to come back?

Some countries have very specific entry guidelines and it is a good idea to have a travel health specialist review your new itinerary to see if additional precautions are needed. If you have already had a travel consultation with us, we will provide a review of your new itinerary at no additional cost.

Do you provide vaccinations for children?

Children also need travel vaccines, and Cascade Travel Medicine routinely provides vaccines for people 12 years and older. We will review requests for younger children on a case-by-case basis and ask that you contact us at (541) 228-3096 or contact your pediatrician for advice.

I’m originally from the country I’ll be visiting. Do I still need vaccinations?

If you have been living abroad and are returning to your country of origin for a visit, we recommend getting vaccinated. Your natural protection from disease may have weakened or been lost if you have been gone for an extended period.

Do I need a referral?

No referral is required for travel and routing vaccinations.

For more information:

Contact Karen Knowlton, RN, Wellness Coordinator

(541) 228-3096