Lane County’s First Hospice Facility

Lane County’s First Hospice Facility

The Festival of Trees is raising money to build Lane County’s first hospice facility.

When the board decided to take this on as our project we had just lost one of the communities great men in my opinion. Over a lifetime that spanned six decades J. Peter “Pete” Moore made each moment matter, quietly but steadily transforming his position as a prominent second generation businessman into community activism, leadership, and philanthropy that enriched and transformed the communities he called home. His dedication went beyond financial support, to include his time, expertise, enthusiasm, and the gracious way he inspired others – from his employees at Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Eugene to industry leaders – to join him in a spirit of community service and compassion.

One of Pete’s many commitments was to make quality healthcare more accessible. So as you can see, his vision inspired the naming of the new hospice house being built by Cascade Health Solutions. It will be called the “Pete Moore Hospice House.”

A hospice house provides compassionate care in a home-like environment to those who are facing life-limiting illnesses and are in need of respite care or acute symptom management. The needs of both patient and caregivers are met at a critical time when dignity and serenity can make each moment more significant. The desire for comfort and compassion, while surrounded by those they love, can make all the difference.

Please join me at the Festival of Trees because every dollar matters to make this house a reality!

November 26th             Wednesday      9am – 6pm

November 27th             Thursday          10am – 6pm

November 28th             Friday                  9am – 2pm (closing early for Gala)

November 29th             Saturday           9am – 9pm

November 30th             Sunday               9am – 5pm