Job Posting #1080 – Behavioral Health & EAP Assistant Manager

Behavioral Health & EAP – Assistant Manager

Job Title: Assistant Manager
Department: Behavioral Health & EAP
Responsible to: Behavioral Health & EAP Manager
Hours: 40 hours/week
Schedule: Monday – Friday
Pay Range: To Be Determined

Job Summary: Assist the Behavioral Health & EAP Manager in the administration and oversight of the Behavioral Health & EAP department. Participate with the Behavioral Health & EAP Manager in planning, supervising, and facilitating day-to-day operations. Provide therapy, counseling, and trainings. This position requires proof of full COVID-19 vaccination at time of offer.

Education & License Requirements: PhD or master’s degree in social work, marriage family therapy, counseling, or related human services area is required. Must hold a current Oregon license.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience: Must have comprehensive understanding of psychology, including assessment and effective short-term treatments. Experience in individual, couple, and family counseling required. Knowledge of EAPs and how to adapt to widely divergent companies and organizations is preferred. Clinical supervision experience preferred. Must have administrative and supervisory experience.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Assist in recruitment, hiring, and training of new employees and interns.
  • Serve as liaison regarding implementation and operation of EAP within client companies.
  • Train supervisors within client companies regarding identification and referral of staff with job performance problems.
  • Organize all trainings and track company utilization of training hours.
  • Manage and maintain contracts with educational institutions for student internships.
  • Process student intern onboarding paperwork and provide supervision throughout internship.
  • Coordinate client company health promotion presentations and employee EAP orientations.
  • Provide company-specific training to client companies, make public presentations.
  • Arrange critical incident debriefing for client companies and other community organizations as needed.
  • Coach counseling staff to handle supervisor referrals and “trouble-shoot” particularly difficult or high-level referrals.
  • Assure compliance with mental health regulations, such as HIPAA privacy practices and insurance regulations.
  • Listen to client’s concerns and provide assessment of problems.
  • Deliver brief, short-term problem-resolution oriented therapy.
  • Work independently, utilizing sound judgment, and time management skills.
  • Maintain confidentiality of employee and client company files.
  • Model effective communication skills; verbal, written, and electronic.
  • Write and update departmental policies and procedures.

How to Apply
Please download our Employment Application below, which can be filled out electronically or printed and filled out by hand.

Employment Application
Additional Prior Work History Supplement

Applications are accepted via the following methods:

  • Email as an attachment to,
  • Fax to 541-228-3165
  • Mail to 2650 Suzanne Way, Suite 200, Eugene, OR 97408.

If you have any questions, please contact us as 541-228-3129.