Job Posting #1071 – Behavioral Health & EAP Leadership Coach

Behavioral Health & EAP – Leadership Coach

Job Title: Leadership Coach
Department: Behavioral Health & EAP
Responsible to: Behavioral Health & EAP Manager
Hours: Resource
Schedule: Varies
Pay Range: $28.98 – 43.48

Job Summary: Assist professionals to improve skills and performance in the workplace using a tailored approach to fit each client. Help facilitate organizational changes by working with executives or managers to help them effectively execute their roles. Support clients in gaining self-awareness and clarifying their goals. Work with clients to develop action plans, overcome obstacles, and meet specific business objectives. Task focus may be influenced by changes in the client organization, company philosophies, or other factors. This position requires proof of full COVID-19 vaccination at time of offer.

Education & License Requirements: Bachelor’s degree required, which must include business, organizational development, or psychology courses. MBA and/or professional executive coach certification preferred.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience: Background in business leadership or executive coaching required. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills required. Motivational Interviewing skills preferred.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Meet with clients to clarify specific objectives and develop a strategy to help achieve goals.
  • Encourage clients to embrace their potential for growth and improvement by helping them alter their thinking in order to facilitate improvements in performance.
  • Customize client experiences by using a variety of techniques to facilitate the coaching process.
  • Provide ongoing coaching support to help clients think about situations differently and change strategies for dealing with specific challenges.
  • Assess clients and identify issues that may be hindering their workplace performance.
  • Acknowledge client accomplishments and empathize when the client is struggling.
  • Use communication and interpersonal skills to put clients at ease and build strong working relationships.
  • Listen actively, provide perspective, and help clients determine what goals are most important.
  • Suggest activities to help clients gain awareness of emotions and behaviors and to track progress.
  • Understand what motivates human behavior.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Conduct trainings to promote healthier and stronger workplace environments.
  • Assist employees seeking skills to prepare them for leadership or supervision roles in the workplace.
  • Facilitate workplace dispute resolution and team building.

Marginal Job Functions: Light cleaning, clerical duties, and perform other duties as assigned.

How to Apply:
Please submit a cover letter, resume, and completed application. You may download our Employment Application below, which can be filled out electronically or printed and filled out by hand.

Employment Application
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