If you think weight loss is the answer, start by asking yourself some questions

If you think weight loss is the answer, start by asking yourself some questions

Before you dive into a new diet or weight-loss program, run through the following exercise to help you determine your likelihood of success.

Step 1:

Ask yourself: “Is this a good time for me to take on the challenge of losing weight?”

Think about other major changes or stresses you are facing – or expect to face in the near future. Losing weight requires time, energy and resources. Also consider timing: Committing to a weight loss program as you embark upon trip to Italy might be considered ill timed and may result in failure.

Step 2:

If you decide, yes, this is the time, the next step is to ask yourself: “What are my reasons for wanting to lose weight?”

Your motivation may be different today than it was at another time in your life. Studies show that people who are successful at weight loss are clear about their reasons for losing weight, and keep these reasons in mind as they make the necessary lifestyle changes.CawoodCHS10.28.11 5017

Common reasons for losing weight include:

• Improving overall health

• Managing a health condition

• Improving appearance

• Improving physical abilities

Write down three reasons you want to lose weight. Make sure these are your reasons, not some else’s.

Step 3:

Read over your list and circle the No. 1 reason you have for losing weight at this time. What makes this reason so important?

Step 4:

Next, on a scale of 1 to 10 choose the number that best reflects the importance of your top reason (1 means it’s not important at all;10 means it’s the most important task you face).

The higher the number, the more likely your success in reaching your weight loss goals.

Remember, losing weight takes effort, so it’s important to determine if now is the time to take that step!

Watch for additional tips on weight loss in my next blog post.

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