Hospice House – Marilyn’s Candles

Hospice House – Marilyn’s Candles

The candles on her cake may have said, 84, but everyone knows that Marilyn is 39 and holding.

This weekend at the Pete Moore Hospice House we celebrated the birthday of Princess Marilyn.

Her family set up a wonderful celebration dinner for her and she was able to join them in the family dining room for a very special meal… a multi course steak dinner!

She said, “you might as well eat the good stuff!”  Marilyn’s birthday meal had all her favorites: chocolate, strawberries, and anything coffee flavored.

Her family is spread across the globe, some just down the street, and others as far away as Germany.  Her room is rarely without family and visitors and she is so obviously loved by all.

Marilyn’s room is filled with flowers, cards and artwork from her friends and family.  Photographs capture memories and the faces of her loved ones.  Notably, her grandkids have filled every surface in her room with art.

There is always a reason to choose joy” and Marilyn has done just that.  Her sense of humor and celebratory attitude gives us a beautiful picture of what it looks like to live each day to its fullest.