Meet Our Team

Medical professionals in partnership with you

Highly proficient, our Home Health team prides itself on its ability to listen and communicate with you, and deliver compassionate, skilled care in the comfort of your home under physician direction.

Laura Helfrich, R.N.

Home Health Manager

While spending the first 11 years in the clinic and hospital setting, Laura learned that people heal better in their homes. Having therapists and nurses come in to one’s home environment providing education on chronic disease management and home exercise program allows patients to get to a higher level of safe independence. When Laura was faced with the opportunity, 10 years ago, to join a home health team, be a part of improving patient outcomes, she had faith that she had much to offer the home health industry.  For the better part of the last 10 years Laura has been a leader and nurse educator in home health, always looking for innovative ways to provide services to patients in their home.  Serving the community towards better health is what brings gratification to Laura’s work life.  She also enjoys gardening, sewing, spending time with her grandkids.

Your Home Health Team

Registered nurses evaluate your needs and establish a plan of care to meet your goals. Through expert care, they teach you and your caregiver about ongoing care to promote independence. They also serve as your advocate to the physician.

Physical therapists assess physical capabilities and limitations and establish a program of therapeutic treatment and exercise that can be done at home to maximize function.

Speech pathologists offer evaluation and rehabilitation when you have suffered loss of speech, communication or swallowing abilities. Speech pathologists also provide cognitive training including assessing, training, and providing tools for patients with thought processing and/or memory issues.

Occupational therapists provide training to maximize independence in performing activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, feeding, cooking, and other tasks. They can also train in the use of adaptive equipment.

Medical social workers evaluate and assist the patient, caregiver, and family in solving personal, financial, or other problems that can occur during an illness. We also provide recommendations on resources available in the community.

Home health aides offer assistance with personal care, exercise and occasional household chores.

“I could not have asked for better care than what I received. They were so caring and courteous.”