Light Up a Life

Light Up a Life Candlelight Memorial Event

November 2023

Light Up a Life is Cascade Health’s annual candle- and tree-lighting ceremony, giving families and friends an opportunity to gather and honor the memory of those they’ve loved and lost. In 2022, the event also served as our closing ceremony to Festival of Trees.

We invite you to join us in 2023 for this beautiful remembrance event whether your loved one was a Cascade Health patient or not. All who wish to memorialize someone during the holiday season are encouraged to participate. Even if you cannot attend, we will gladly read the names of those you would like to honor.

Brighten the Holidays With the Gift of Light

The holidays can be a particularly difficult time for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. What is normally a time for celebration and joy can feel empty without the presence of those we hold dear.

Cascade Health has been hosting the Light Up a Life event for 20 years to provide an opportunity to come together with others who understand how you feel and take time to quietly honor the memory of those who have passed.

While it seems like such a simple act, the lighting of a candle or a tree can be a powerful experience. Light can represent hope, unity, remembrance, the soul, comfort and home. It can guide the way to understanding or acceptance and remind us that the memories of our loved ones lost are always with us, illuminating the darkness.

We hope that no matter your spiritual background, Light Up a Life will envelop you in a comforting glow and help you remember the light your loved one’s memories still bring to your life.