Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees began in 1993 and is now in its 22nd year.  It was created as a first class holiday event to keep our Foundation donors and volunteers involved.  We promoted it the first year to create a holiday tradition in your family and kick off the holiday spirit. 

As I reflect back on that first year, I can remember having this thought in the back of my mind, “what if we give this big party and nobody shows up?”  Well, I am grateful that is not the case.  Even though there was freezing rain on that very first opening day, people were lined up at the door.  Now Festival has raised more than eleven million dollars to support unmet health care needs in the community.

For those of you who don’t know what Festival is, the event has approximately 50 Christmas trees decorated by theme, 150 wreaths, 75 gift baskets, 500 plus stockings, 30 gingerbread houses and a gift shop area where you can find that perfect gift.  We even have three children activity areas. One is a place where for $5 they can come decorate a little tree and either donate it to our Hospice patients or take it home.  The second area is a place where children can shop with little elves and purchase gifts for everyone in the family.  In the third area, children can make a different keepsake ornament to give to a grandparent, mom and dad, or just a special friend.

The Festival of Trees always runs Wednesday – Sunday, the week of Thanksgiving at the Valley River Inn.  This year the event will be held November 26 – November 30th, so mark your calendars.  All proceeds will go to the Pete Moore Hospice House.

November 26th             Wednesday     9am – 6pm

November 27th             Thursday          10am – 6pm

November 28th             Friday 9am – 2pm (closing early for Gala)

November 29th             Saturday           9am – 9pm


November 30th             Sunday              9am – 5pm