Change is a Constant

Change is a Constant

Change is not easy and is a challenge to us all. However, we cannot forget that change is a constant and the better we are able to embrace change the better we can manage our feelings of change. I love this quote – “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself. ” – Rumi (13th century poet and theologian)

Many people refer to these past years as an unprecedented time of change in the world of healthcare. In Lane County we have seen some amazing changes to the healthcare climate – creation of Coordinated Care Organizations (Trillium CCO); passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act; promotion of patient centered medical homes; primary care physicians retiring or leaving the community in droves; and dramatic changes at the management level of most healthcare organizations, to name just a few. These changes have had, and continue to have, a dramatic impact on organizations and patients alike, and we are all wrestling with what healthcare will look like in the future.

Here at Cascade Health Solutions we are striding on toward the future, excited about current and up-coming changes to our services. A few of our efforts to meet the current and upcoming needs of our community include:

  • Expansion of employer based wellness clinics
  • Creation of a palliative care program
  • Growth in our Transitions program
  • Diversification of behavioral health services
  • Expansion of training curriculum for supervisors and employers
  • Design phase for the building of a Hospice House (scheduled to break ground in 2015)

–          Integration of diabetes nutrition education and services into primary care clinics in Eugene, Springfield, and Junction City

Please know that we are not done; we will continue to look for new opportunities to further our mission thru new services to meet the unmet health needs in our community. Daily, I work at embracing rather than resisting change, it isn’t easy, but it can be life altering.