11 Self-Care Tips and Resources for Caregivers

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11 Self-Care Tips and Resources for Caregivers

Caregiving for someone you love as they enter their last phase of life is often characterized by contrasts. Gratitude for the time you have together and grief for the time you won’t. A profound feeling of purpose and resentment that it requires so much of you. Anxious about all that you can’t control and at […]

A Second Little Family of Support

Linda Bates first noticed a change in her husband Jim’s behavior in the summer of 2021. Forgetfulness. Lack of coordination. Confusion. She knew something was wrong, and her worst fears were confirmed soon after: the things she’d been noticing were the outward signs of glioblastoma, an aggressive and nearly always fatal cancer in Jim’s brain. […]

Remembering a Brother

The last thing Kermit Zerr expected was to find himself on another cross-country flight to Eugene. But, just ten months after making the journey to attend to his father’s end-of-life care, he was abruptly called to his brother’s hospital bedside. “I got a phone call that [Kelan] was in the hospital — they had found […]

Join Us in Celebrating Our Nurses During National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week is May 6 – 12, and to kick it off, we’d like to express our deep appreciation for Cascade Health’s hard-working nursing staff and introduce you to several passionate nurses on our care team. What is National Nurses Week? National Nurses Week is an annual recognition period that starts on May 6 […]

Occupational Therapy Month: A Time to Thank

April is Occupational Therapy month. In this last week, we at Cascade Health would like to take a moment to recognize and celebrate our occupational therapists, whose incredible talent and dedication to helping people regain the ability to perform daily tasks makes a dramatic difference in the health of our community. Like physical therapy, occupational […]