In the Exam Room or Our Own Backyards, Suicide Prevention Begins With a Conversation

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In the Exam Room or Our Own Backyards, Suicide Prevention Begins With a Conversation

As health care providers, we are accustomed to talking about suicide from a clinical perspective. Yet while suicidal ideation may be a common topic in relation to our patients, many health care professionals still feel unprepared to discuss their own suicidal thoughts or concerns about suicidality in colleagues or loved ones. Perhaps the rational comfort […]

The Hospice Suitcase: Support for the End-of-Life Journey

We often talk about life as a journey from birth to death; the experiences, relationships, and milestones in each phase become a series of trips forming the itinerary of our own grand tour. Like so many travel snapshots and tourist-shop trinkets, our memories remind us where we’ve been, what we’ve done and how we became […]

This summer, learn to love yourself first!

Self-love. If you don’t hang out in behavioral health circles, you might not know exactly what we mean when we say “self-love.” Are we talking about treating yourself to a yoga class? Turning down a social invitation to curl up and read your favorite book? Buying a new outfit? The answer to all of these […]

Three Ways to Handle School Uncertainty

  Parents are certainly facing a good amount of anxiety and fear regarding the unknown of what Back to School in 2020 is going to look like, and these same feelings can be even more intense for kids. As a licensed professional counselor for Cascade Health, I’ve been working with children, adolescents and adults for […]

How Can We Help Our Teens?

Teen suicide is unfortunately on the rise in Lane County, and here at Cascade Behavioral Health we care deeply for the youth in our community and are looking for even more ways to be of assistance to this age group. Often teens are unprepared when it comes to mental health issues, and do not know […]