Bring on the heat!

Bring on the heat!

Summer is always a great time to enjoy the outdoors, but when temperatures get in the 80’s or above, we need to take care to make sure we don’t have any heat related emergencies. Stay hydrated, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Keep drinking WATER, don’t overdo things, and if you are exerting yourself, make sure you drink enough water to make up for what you are losing! There are three types of heat emergencies, so please read on so you can recognize the symptoms and avoid getting overheated.

Heat Cramps

Typically these occur in the large muscle groups, like your legs and arms – but they are painful, so stop whatever you are doing and hydrate! Massaging your muscles may offer some temporary relief, but what your body needs is fluids, so keep the focus on hydrating!

Heat Exhaustion

Ever see someone really, really red, sweating profusely, and looking like they are very confused? Odds are that they have heat exhaustion, and they need cooling and fluids! Pour water over their head and down their neck, then get them to a cooler area. Have them drink fluids and if you have some ice packs, put them in their arm pits and in their groin area. They should start feeling better after about 15 minutes, but if not, call 911!

Heat Stroke

This is when someone has gone too long without cooling down. They will look white or pale, and they will not be sweating, but are very confused. When you see these symptoms the person is going into heat stroke and 911 should be called! Start cooling measures as listed above, and don’t leave them alone. Wait with them until the paramedics get there!

While rare, heat stroke can and does occur, but simply staying hydrated and not overdoing it in the summer sun can ensure a FUN summer to remember!