Rosie The Riveter

Rosie The Riveter

On April 20, 2016 Cascade Health Hospice held a special ceremony to honor Margaret Scott Thompson of Eugene, Oregon for her service as a “Rosie the Riveter” during World War II.

Margaret was born in August of 1925.  She met her husband Charles Thompson and they were married in October 1943.  He was sent to Rhode Island with the Navy and was later deployed overseas to fight in the war.  Margaret went to work as a “Rosie the Riveter” at the Goodyear Aircraft Factory in Akron, Ohio.   Margaret and her husband were married for 64 years before Charles passed away.  They had four children together.

Margaret worked on the line doing riveting, counter-sinking and anodizing.  She was a stand-out in her squadron and was selected to attend evening classes twice per week to be trained in all the departments.  In her all-girl squadron, Margaret remembers that they all had to pull back their hair in a bandana and wear pants while working.

Yvonne, president of the American Rosie The Riveter Association, along with Elaine (another “Rosie”) recognized Margaret with a certificate honoring her service and presented her with the iconic “Rosie the Riveter Bandana.”  Yvonne read a thoughtful poem commemorating the work of the Rosies and thanking Margaret for her service.  Elaine and Margaret became fast friends, reminiscing and sharing memories about their time as Rosies.

Margaret brought out her original rivet test piece from her riveting days.  New recruits at the Goodyear Aircraft Factory had to prove they could hold two sheets of aluminum together with a proper set of rivets in order to be allowed to work on the Corsair Fighter or B-29 Bomber.  Margaret has kept that rivet test as a prized possession for over 70 years.


Margaret says that her time working as a Rosie was wonderful and that she has fond memories of the work and what she was doing to help her country.  At Cascade Health we are privileged to get to hear and celebrate the stories of incredible people like Margaret.  Thank you for your service to this country!